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Block paving makes for a durable, all weather feature for your home and is available in a wide range of patterns and colours which can be mixed to create unique areas. Block paving is very versatile and often a cheaper way of paving. It can be used to pave an area located almost anywhere, and is often used for driveways, paths and patios.

We’re a block paving company in Essex who construct high quality driveways, paths and patios using the finest block paving materials. Our expert contractors can supply and install a variety of colours, shapes and finishes to match or transform any home or garden, incorporating walls, fencing and decking into the landscape.

Why opt for block paving?

Block paving gives your property a unique and fresh look that’s very easy to get used to, and will help improve the overall look and feel of your home.

Many households decide to go with block paving for a variety of reasons, including;

  • High quality – Durable in many ways, having a block pathway to your home can be a hugely useful asset that will ensure everything stays together even during those horrible winter months
  • Attractive – This is a hugely desirable look for homes; many people will be more than happy to look at your home if you ever decide to sell based on this fact. It’s a very interesting look and many people believe it’s by far and away the most welcoming look for outside of a home
  • Favourited by many – It’s a look that isn’t exactly going to go out of date, either. Block paving has been around for many years and still retains that fantastic appeal to many people whether it’s a young couple looking at buying their home or a couple celebrating their 50th year together!

Why Direct Driveways?

It’s all about being to find the right style and look for a home, and the best way to do that is to simply put everything together in the nicest package possible.

At Direct Driveways, we concentrate on doing this by delivering a service that is varied, timely and can easily match the standards of any other block paving firm within the local area.

We know how to make the design stand out, but we also know how to present the service. We only hire expert installers who can offer block paving at the highest level, but we also only hire staff members who are genuine, good people.

We have no interest in treating our customers with anything other than the respect that they clearly deserve, so if you are looking to work with a company that will treat you with professionalism, you only need to contact us today!

What is block paving?

Simply put, it’s the method of laying blocks or bricks into a pattern to create a hard standing surface, such as a patio, driveway, pavement or road. A bonus of using block paving over tarmac, for example, is that if any one block gets damaged it can be lifted and replaced, which also allows for work to be carried out underneath the structure at any time. You can read a much more detailed description here.


Laying the foundation

The base of your structure has to be solid and safe and gone are the days of using rubble to create the foundation of your driveway or patio. We excavate over 200mm of earth and lay a full concrete base, topped with sand for the block to sit on. With this method we can guarantee that your driveway or patio will last for many years. We’ll also fit a drain off section so that any underlying water is directed and dispersed correctly. No standing puddles, no draining problems!


Choosing the right paving materials

Over the years we’ve come to learn which types of paving offer the best value, last the longest and offer the easiest to maintain solution. We source many types of block, bricks, slates and stones which can be found in our products section. A good place to start is choosing paving blocks that fit the surroundings, so if you have a modern garden, opt for a Indian sandstone or slate, or for a more natural looking garden, choose natural stone. If you need any help with choosing your paving type, we’d be happy to offer you free advice. You can see what our work looks like in our portfolio.


Maintaining your paved area

Looking after your paved area is fairly easy, a simple sweep with a hard broom every week or two should suffice. Sometimes algae can grow but this can be removed with soap and a brush. Using a high pressure water jet once a twice a year to give it a super clean is fine, but beware if you use water jetting too often it could cause damage to the paving and structure.


Block paving patterns

We lay our paving in various ways, but one of the most popular looks people go for is the 45 degree herringbone, followed by stretcher bond.

block paving patterns


Hire an expert block paving company in Essex

Direct Driveways offer block paving in Essex and have over 20 years in the trade. We provide landscaping and paving services to home owners, landlords and developers and have a team of highly skilled block paving contractors ready to work on your project, so get in touch for a friendly chat or to arrange a free quotation.